Just want to say how awesome it is that you are breaking tradition and building a wedding day that makes the two of you most happy!

There’s many stresses that come along with a traditional wedding as well as limitations. You have the opportunity to choose an incredible setting for your I do’s and the ability to create the most epic day imaginable! It would be a true honor to photograph such an important day where your professional photos will be virtually the only lasting documentation. These images will show your loved ones how special it was!! I’m always down for an adventure.

Let’s turn your vision into reality! -Nicole


We need guidance!

I’m happy to help with anything I can to make your day as epic & smooth running as possible! Lighting, crowds, how to hike in a dress, vendors, timeline, permits, I’m here for it all!

Can guests be included in photos?

If guests are attending, they will absolutely be included in candid photos and portraits!

What’s the best time of day for photography?

The lighting is best closest to sunrise and sunset. I HIGHLY recommend planning your ceremony to take place close to one of them. Each location will have a more ideal time for lighting based on the sun’s pathway in the sky in relation to the location. I’m happy to assist with this.

What’s your shooting style?

Romantic, artistic, dramatic. During the portraits, I pose everything but do so in a way that looks natural. This helps you to look flattering and feel secure. The rest of the day is photographed in a photojournalist approach. There will be some traditional, look at the camera & smile portraits, but I do favor the portraits which look more candid. My editing style is true to life colors, slightly on the more vibrant side. I feel this style of editing is timeless.

How long does it take to get our photos back?

It’s typically a 6 week turnaround time to get your photos edited & your gallery up.

How are the photos delivered?

The high resolution digital files are presented in an online gallery. The client downloads them from there. The gallery can be shared with family and friends. they can download as they please as well. My clients usually do their own printing. I HIGHLY recommend printing through Mpix.com. The gallery does offer print purchase capability from a professional lab as well.

Are all of the photos presented edited?

Yes. I do spend longer on the portraits, but every photo in the gallery does go through several steps of editing.

Do you have backup equipment?

I understand that the moments that happen on your wedding day cannot be relived and therefore I take being prepared very seriously. I do have backup equipment it’s kept handy in case something happens to fail. My two main cameras have dual memory card slots, meaning the images are recorded on two separate cards. If one fails, the other has the images stored on it.

Do you shoot digital?

Yes, digital only.

What is the payment structure?

A 50% non-refundable retainer along with signing the contract is required at booking and the balance is due the day of the elopement.

Is this your full-time job?

Yes, wedding & elopement photography has been my full-time career for 15 years now.