What’s your shooting style?

Sophisticated, romantic, artistic, dramatic. During the couple’s portraits, I pose everything but do so in a way that looks natural. This helps you to look flattering & feel secure. For all the formal portraits, I’m proactive & kindly assertive. I give a lot of direction & try my best to get the groups done efficiently so everyone can continue on enjoying the celebration. The rest of the day, I do my best to blend into the background as much as possible & capture what’s happening naturally!

How are the photos delivered?

The high resolution digital files are presented in an online gallery. The client downloads them from there. The gallery can be shared with family & friends who can download as they please. The gallery owners do have the option to hide photos that they don’t want to share with everyone. When viewing the gallery, the featured photos are displayed first. You can continue to view all of the photos or you can click on different categories to jump to a specific section. Clients usually do their own printing. I highly recommend printing through Mpix.com. The gallery does offer print purchase capability from a professional lab. It’s a nice convenience for the guests especially.

Are all of the photos delivered edited?

Yes. I do spend longer on the portraits & some of the more important parts of the day, but every photo in the gallery does go through several steps of editing.

What is the payment structure?

A 40% retainer along with signing the contract is required to book. The balance is due the day of the wedding. Contracts are completed online through Docusign. Zelle, Check, and credit card are accepted for payment. There is a 3% fee for credit card payment.

How long does it take to get our photos back?

It’s typically a 6-8 week turnaround time to get your photos edited and your gallery up. Some preview photos are provided within a few days of the wedding.

What type of album do you offer?

The standard album is 10x10in with 20 sides (40 pages). You can choose leather or a fabric cover. It can have a photo on the cover or the cover can be foil stamped with your names & date. Usually around 90 photos are included in the design. I ask the client to choose 60 must have photos & to provide me with a “B” list as well. I’m usually able to complete a design that flows well by using those two lists.

Can I get all the photos that are taken at the wedding?

My editing process is time consuming & it’s important that I provide my couples the photos that best portray the story of their day at a high level of quality. I take multiple images of most shots to help ensure catching everyone with their eyes open & whatnot. I deliver the best ones from the sequence. I generally prefer a quality over quantity approach. For example, if I take a sequence of portraits of the couple that are very similar, I would rather spend more time editing the best one from that sequence to bring it to another level than to provide 5 repetitive, mediocre images. If there are photos taken that aren’t technically amazing (soft focus, flash misfire, etc) but are good moments, I will still provide them.

Should we provide a shot list?

When the wedding date gets closer, I send out a details form for the couple to complete, which provides me with the names & relationships of important guests. If family groupings look like they may be slightly complicated, I put together a list of the groupings I feel would flow best & send to couple to approve. Once approved, I’ll read from the list during family portraits.  The details form also informs me of happenings/details that I may not already be aware of.

Do you have backup equipment?

I understand that the moments that happen on your wedding day cannot be relived & therefore I take being prepared very seriously. For most of the day, I use a harness that holds 2 cameras. My cameras have double memory card slots, meaning the images are recorded on two separate cards at the same time. If one fails, the other has the images stored on it. I do have backup equipment it’s kept handy in case something happens to fail.

What happens if there’s an emergency & you can’t shoot the wedding?

In the 15 years of shooting weddings, I’ve never had this happen. I’ve shot weddings through two pregnancies, colds, & various injuries. I would have to face a last minute, severe emergency to not be able to be there. In the unlikely chance of this happening, I would do everything in my power to find an alternative, qualified photographer to take my place. I have a lot of friends in the local wedding photography industry. With just a quick text alerting one of them, they will ask around to see who’s available. I’m also a part of multiple local photographer Facebook groups where I can post that I need emergency coverage. If another photographer had to step in for me, they could either shoot it & I would edit & deliver the gallery, or I would cancel the contract & refund the retainer & you would book the alternate photographer separately.

Are you insured?


Do you shoot digital?

Yes, digital only.

Is this your full-time job?

Yes, wedding & portrait photography has been my full-time career for 15 years now.

What is an Adventure Session?

These sessions are about 2 hours long & give couples the opportunity to take wedding portraits in gorgeous natural settings that their wedding day may not allow for. It offers a much more relaxed atmosphere for portraits as wedding days are typically very busy and can be overwhelming. We get the most ideal light because these shoots are scheduled close to sunrise or sunset. You don’t need to worry about the weather! If there’s rain in the forecast, we reschedule!

What should we wear for engagement photos?

Textured clothing & layers photograph best. Large logos bold patterns, & running sneakers should be avoided. Also avoid large amounts of saturated colors. Pops of rich colors work better. Try not to be too matchy matchy. You should wear different colors, but colors that compliment each other. Patterns such as floral, plaid, stripes, & polka dots all work. Check out my Pinterest board titled “Engagement Session Clothing Suggestions” for clothing inspiration (pinterest.com/CustombyNicole/engagement-session-clothing-suggestions)